Signum Invenio Document Server (XP)

Signum Invenio Document Server (XP) 3.3

Document Server is an VB6 intranet/Internet web server delivering content
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Document Server is an VB6 intranet/Internet web server delivering it's content using the TCP HTTP protocol. Document Server can serve documents based on simple HTML-coding or advanced server side scripting technologies. Document Server supports also a UDP server enabling messaging broadcasts over the network for P2P purposes.

Document Server does not run as a service like most servers do, it runs as a normal desktop program. The application can be minimized either to the task bar (IDE version) or system tray (IDE and UA version).

The server and administrative user interface are embedded in the IDE application for easy maintenance, testing and debugging.

The unattended version (UA) runs in the system tray. The UA and IDE versions share the same configuration file but UA can only be maintained trough it's Web API. The UA has no user interface except for a about box and a shutdown function. UA is only visible in the system tray.

The server supports Visual Basic active scripting language enabling you to write advanced and dynamic server side applications. The standard library has many functions to manipulate incoming and outgoing HTTP streams. A Command Line Interface (CLI) for external script-engines like Zend-PHP4, JAVA or custom programs supporting the CLI has been implemented.

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